Our organic certificates guarantee us


Mr. Orgánica obtained the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety accrediting the fulfillment of the legal obligations of food safety, guaranteeing this way the maximum level of protection to the consumer.

This audit helps Mr. Organica to identify and verify possible critical points in production processes, supply chain and thus help to solve them with the intention of the product reaches the final consumer in the best conditions.

This certification accredits Mr. Organic with regard to


Mr. Organica has the Global GAP certification. Global GAP guarantees good practice in agriculture by Mr. Organica.

With this certificate, Mr. Orgánica has a guarantee of maximum quality and safety for the food it produces on its farms. We create products that respect the health, safety and welfare of workers, the environment and consideration for animal welfare.

With Global GAP it is a guarantee of maximum safety, assurance and quality.

Mr. Organic foods are certified by Bureau Veritas Global GAP.


Mr. Organica has the ECOLOGICAL certificate.

This certificate indicates that at Mr. Orgánica all products are 100% organic and therefore comply with the European standard for organic production.

At Mr. Orgánica we carry out both internal and external periodic audits to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.


Mr. Organica obtained the IFS INTERNATIONAL FOOD STANDARD certificate. This certification accredits Mr. Organica in the compliance with the standard regarding

Therefore, Mr. Organic products are synonymous with guarantee and maximum quality.


GRASP is an extension of the GLOBAL GAP certificate that works the social practices of Mr. Organica. This module is voluntary, but in order to give the maximum commitment and the highest demand, we have certified in GRASP. Studying and improving actions related to the health, safety and welfare of our workers.

Mr. Organica’s commitment is just as important to our clients as it is to our employees.

At Mr. Orgánica we work to improve the quality of life of our employees and the proof is the obtaining of this certification that helps us in the processes of improving the working environment of our workers

Quality and ecological variety